THE EmployAgility® FRAMEWORK

Build self-efficacy and openness to boost

your business agility


The skills, knowledge and competencies companies need to succeed are changing and will continue to change. The days of a “job for life” are gone. Today people need to be in the driving seat of their own careers. And in our aging society, they need to do it for longer. The internal employability and agility of your employees determines your business agility. Your business agility will determine your success.

EmployAgility explained in 3-minutes:

​The EmployAgility® Framework includes a range of presentations, webinars, workshops, train-the-trainer and consulting support to help you maximise the impact of your colleagues EmployAgility and start to feel the increase in your business agility.

“Employagility is a person's willingness and ability to shape their working life flexibly

 in order to adapt to changing circumstances – and thrive in them.”

What does it mean to be «employable» and what does it take to stay employable for longer? 

Empirical research with employees in Switzerland reveals:

  • Outdated social norms relating to employment and work are holding us back

  • Employability is not correlated to age but openness to experience and self-efficacy

  • We need reshape what we do and how in 5 key areas that drive employability

  • Not everyone is willing or able to drive their employability to the same degree

“It’s time for a paradigm shift from employability

to EmployAGILITY.

We’ve poured the findings from the research into the easy-to-use The EmployAgility® App.

It measures attitudes and behaviour in 5 areas: 


Everyone who uses the App gets immediate personal value in the form of pragmatic recommendations that “meet you where you are” in a confidential, password protected report.

The anonymised, aggregated data the app collects can be used company-wide to highlight what can be done to create the environment and culture in which more people are willing, and more people are able, to drive their internal EmployAgility.


How to use EmployAgility in your company

1) First be clear on which challenges EmployAgility will help you address

Need to up- and reskill the workforce? Disappointed with levels of engagement with your L&D offering? Not sure which skills will be required in future? Not sure how to deal with increasing numbers of older workers? Have high attrition rates? Difficult to find the talent you need? Not sure how to deal with an aging workforce? What else?

2) Equip your managers and HR professionals to coach for EmployAgility

With a simple train-the-trainer module give your managers and HR professional insight into their own EmployAgility and the background and skills they need to start helping (and stop hindering) different types of people in your organisation to drive their own internal and external employability.


3) Invite your colleagues to the EmployAgility® App

Communicate appropriately about EmployAgility and your intentions and follow up with action. Invite your colleagues to the app with a link and access code. It takes about 15 minutes to complete and can be done on a smart phone, tablet or computer.


4) Act on results 

Each employee will directly receive a confidential report with their results. It contains recommendations of pragmatic things they can do and guides them to build a personal action plan. It’s most effective when used together with a manager, mentor or coach, or debriefed in a skills-building workshop. 


5) Use the data to focus organisational and cultural developments

By slicing and dicing the data in the EmployAgility® Leadership Report we can discover where to focus attention to have the biggest impact. See patterns in the aggregated (anonymised) data from your employee’s results. Use data to shine a light on the things you can change within your culture and strategy to increase the internal and external EmployAgility.


6) Then watch as the employability of your workforce and the business agility of your company increases

Your up- and reskilling budget will have more effect, employee engagement and satisfaction will increase - and your redundancy and external recruitment costs decrease. Importantly, word will spread that at your company personal growth and employability are not just buzzwords.

Access to the EmployAgility® App costs 145.- Swiss Francs per person stand alone. Different pricing options available depending on the number of colleagues you involve and the amount of support you’d like.


Simply contact us to discuss your specific situation. info@employagility.ch


Philippa conducted empirical research with employees aged 30 to 63 in different professions at the Bühler Group in Uzwil, Switzerland.


Her thesis is published by Springer Gabler and available at Springer.com or Amazon.


From the back cover:

«Increased longevity means that current structures for employment and retirement in Switzerland are not sustainable. To enable individuals and companies to thrive in our ageing society, changes in our social norms and attitudes about work and ageing need to occur. Philippa Dengler examines what these changes are, and what companies can do to support their employees to take control of their individual employability for a longer life.


The practical implications benefit individuals, the companies they work for, and society as a whole.»