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AWE-some Summit

I'm delighted to announce that I will be on stage at the upcoming AWE Summit on 27th October in Zurich. This year's theme is "Be the change" - and I'm intending to provoke some thought about retiring the concept of retirement.

The mission of the AWE Summit is to Give Voice to Women and I'll be joining several other speakers from different backgrounds who will share their stories. Come along and let yourself be inspired. Inject some fresh energy into your autumn.

The event is for men and women, entrepreneurs, intra-preneurs and everyone who is open-minded, curious and looking for inspiration.

The day is organised so that in the morning there are several 15 minute speeches (including mine!) in which the speakers share their personal stories with the intention of inspiring others to take action and align with their purpose on this planet.

In the afternoon interactive sessions will enable participants to get in touch directly with the other awesome people attending the event in a workshop format, learn new concepts and tips to add to your toolbox of success.

Link for more information and tickets:

But stop! Before you buy a ticket let me know - as a speaker I can offer discounted tickets. Just ask me for the code!

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