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Bringing EmployAgility to Tedx Zurich

I'm still buzzing from my experience at Tedx Zürich. My aim with my talk was to provoke thought – that hopefully leads to action – towards improving our individual EmployAgility so that together we can change the norms currently holding us back.

Yes, it was a lot of work to prepare - and a challenge to squeeze what I wanted to say into 10 minutes! Yes, it was nerve-wracking to think of standing on that red carpet with no notes or prompts, just me with 500 faces looking at me expectantly and the cameras pointed at me for the live stream.

Yes, it was strange to have my make-up done professionally to ensure my pale English skin didn't make me look like a ghost under the lights. (The last time I was made up like that was on my wedding day!)

But.... or rather I should say AND...

it was all so worth it. Once I got on the stage and started to share my messages I could feel the energy of the audience; hear their feedback in all the right places, and see people nodding or taking photos of the slides. The feedback in conversations afterwards - especially the insights on how they personally related to what I shared, or the questions - was amazing.

I'm grateful to the team at Tedx Zurich who guided me through the process and to all the volunteers on the day who made the whole event run so smoothly. As I spoke early I was able to relax and enjoy the other amazing speeches too. Now looking forward to the videos being produced so I can share mine (of course!) and also my favourites from the day.

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