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Corona Virus and Shaking Up the Workplace

Today we were supposed to be "Shaking up the workplace" at the unconference in Zurich.

I was ready to host a 90-minute session on EmployAgility - which would leave participants with an action plan for themselves and practical ideas for how to make a difference in their workplaces so that their colleagues can also improve their EmployAgility.....


... rightly so, the conference organisers took the decision to postpone the event due to restrictions and concerns about the Corona Virus.

Instead we met virtually for an hour to discuss "Workplace Wellbeing in Crisis" what we can learn to ensure our organisations are better prepared in future for dealing with crisis situations.

It was a lovely session and I'll post my key take-aways later today.

The unconference will be rescheduled and in the meantime I'm sure the community spirit of Shake Up the Workforce will continue to grow.

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