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Employability: Keine Frage des Alters!

It's an honour to have my research into Lifelong Employability featured in the Kalaidos blog this morning...

...and a lovely opportunity to thank all the people publicly on LinkedIn at the Kalaidos University and at Bühler for their role in helping me do this meaningful research which is now contributing to how organisations and individuals think about their longer lives and how they work, live and learn throughout them.

I'm also grateful to my family, friends and broader network who encouraged me and in particular to my husband who is always a passionate, hands-on Dad and a loving husband - but during this time definitely did more than his fair share!

It's so exciting now to see the interest in this topic of Lifelong Employability building in the business world and be equipped to provide sound advice and concrete ideas about what to do about it! To talk about it and understand what it means for you just get in touch!

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