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"It's free and on the internet...." erm, not any more!

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

4 months BC (Before Covid-19) November 2019 I had the chance to stand up in front of a wide-awake, curious, open-minded audience at Tedx Zürich. I shared why I'm so passionate about us taking more care of how we live and work. I shared my vision of a world in which we can all manage our employability for longer, more fulfilling working lives.

Watch the talk on YouTube here:

I presented the EmployAgility Model I've developed based on my research and yes, you heard correctly I also said "It's free and available on the internet..."...

...since then we've learnt a lot and moved the concept of EmployAgility on even further.

Importantly, we learned that with it being available for free on the internet we tend to reach highly open-minded people with high self-efficacy. The kind of people who are already doing lots of the right things to stay agile and build the competencies they need for a long, fulfilling working life. The kind of people who attend Ted talks for example. That's great but it's not enough.

To reach the people who need to reflect and take action to increase their employability the most takes more effort.

(A lot more effort but the impact and benefits are also higher.)

So, that's what I've been focussed on for the past couple of years. Finding ways to reach people who might be stuck in their comfort zone saying things like they "can't be bothered" or people who say they "don't have the time" or feel like these things are "not for people like me". Helping these people to get into their learning zone and build competencies one step at a time requires context and safety and effort from someone like a line manager, HR manager or coach.

The online EmployAgility questionnaire is now a Progressive Web App. It's available in English, German, French and Dutch, it's hosted in a secure, private Swiss-based cloud and to use it you need an access code.

The access code ensures you get access to EmployAgility App within a context from someone who is able to help you get the maximum benefit from using the EmployAgility Framework. We've learnt that this is very important. The right context and approach can help you understand why it is absolutely for "people like you", it's worth being bothered about and spending time on. The right support helps you draw conclusions that lead to action in the real world.

The price of the access code includes a secure online profile where each person can re-take the questionnaire whenever they feel like their situation has changed or they want to check their progress. It also stores their results confidentially. The prices vary depending on how many codes are purchased and whether you are a company or a coach.

We've worked on a number of different ways to provide access within a meaningful context:

1 Our network of qualified professional Trusted EmployAgility Coaches offer support 1:1 and in small groups - in several languages. On you can see who they are and get in touch directly.

2 We are partnering with Swiss Leaders and Loopings to offer EmployAgility as part of their support to people who are mid-career and late-career.

3 We have public workshops on specific aspects of EmployAgility in conjunction with WeWent and Shake Up the Workforce

4 We offer packages of access codes to companies together with webinars or workshops to kick-off and debrief and the option of the Leadership Report with the insights from the aggregated, anonymised data.

5 For managers and HR professionals, we've developed the Certified EmployAgility Ambassadors training programme so they can use the EmployAgility approach at scale in their organisation.

In addition, I'm currently working on project together with L&D Support International, The Human Growth Company which combines the power of EmployAgility with a proven psychometric tool....but more about that another time.

Find out more book a short call with me. Usually that leads to me letting you try it out for free once we've spoken because I'm a soft-touch ...and I've also learnt that people who try it out, "get it" want to share it with the people they care about in their teams.

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