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Someone recently told me that HR processes always lag about 15 years behind. Don't settle for that!

The future of work is here right NOW. That means you need employees who are..

  • cognitively flexible and ready to learn

  • well-networked – inside your company, your industry and beyond

  • comfortable with new ways of working

  • able to harness digital technologies to collaborate and innovate

  • resilient and productive

  • purpose-driven, intrinsically motivated - and loving what they do

...and so do your competitors!

But how can you attract such people to your company?

And are you sure that is the right question?

How about asking instead what can we do NOW to make it possible for our existing employees to develop the competencies and self-efficacy they need to succeed with the list of "must have" criteria?

The way a lot of our talent management processes and structures are designed is still heavily influenced by outdated social norms and expectations we’ve grown up with. As an employee in many companies today it is almost impossible to prove your loyalty, and commitment to the company, and demonstrate what it takes to be considered a “high performer” AND at the same time, really manage your own career and maintain your personal EmployAgility. Employees have learnt over decades what is expected and how to succeed in the current set-up. The set-up is changing faster than these norms – that’s all.

Someone recently explained to me, in a very matter-of-fact way, that HR processes tend to lag 15 years behind what the market needs. Don't settle for this!

Dear team leaders, business unit leaders, HR professionals and CEO’s everywhere – YOU have the unique power and responsibility to change this. Don't settle for this for your team. If you create the right conditions and culture you can enable existing employees to manage their own careers and employability and you'll see that your employees - of all ages and backgrounds, skills, strengths and ambition levels - have the potential to adapt to required for the future of work. You may be surprised.

Instead of battling it out in “the war for talent” make a conscious decision to enable your existing employees to increase their personal EmployAgility. You’ll reap the benefits from employees who have already chosen you as their employer of choice and have valuable company know-how and experience.

Sounds like a good idea...but where to start? Here are a few suggestions

  1. Understand the current level of EmployAgility competencies employees have and which competencies need development for more personal agility.

  2. Find out what’s preventing your employees from taking control of their employability and empower them to become the workforce of the future you need.

  3. Create a culture which builds confidence and a sense of self-efficacy and upskill your people leader and HR teams to support this culture.

  4. Redefine what it means to be a „high-potential“ at your company to include a willingness and ability to try new things and learn from them.

  5. Focus your Learning and Development investment and talent management efforts on the right things to make a difference.

The EmployAgility Framework has been designed with forward-thinking leaders like you in mind.

It's a pragmatic step-by-step approach to setting the scene, inviting your employees to reflect, understanding the data and taking appropriate action.

Each and every employee gets immediate personal value in the form of structured self-reflection, personal insights and recommenda

tions from the online EmployAgility App

The EmployAgility Leadership Report

The EmployAgility Leadership report provides clear, data-based insights into the current levels of employAgility in your teams and pragmatic advice about what you can do to create the right environment. You get insightful data* you need to make focused changes to support them in the Leadership Report (*All the data are anonymized and aggregated to guarantee the confidentiality of individual employees and enable them to reflect and answer the questions honestly.)

Visit to book a no-strings-attached call today. Find out what you can do to enable your employees to build their EmployAgility and start preparing themselves and your company for the future of work:

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