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Interview with Bernadette Höller from the Neustarter Foundation

The Neustarter foundation has set itself the task of inspiring, encouraging, networking and taking people in the later stages of their career one step further - for more small and big restarts! They accompany organisations with the "generation-friendly glasses", think along with strategic considerations, keep them up to date with the latest scientific findings and develop concrete offers for long-term employees.

I'm happy to be bouncing ideas around with Bernadette about how to create a unique opportunity for mature individuals, start ups and traditional organisations to take part in an experimental work experience opportunity. Watch this space for more: Praktikum Arbeitswelt 4.0

Read the interview here

My key message - contrary to expectations my research showed that your ability to be highly employable is not linked to your age. No-one denies that age discrimination is prevalent in today's workplace. It is. For young and old. But what is clear from my research was there are people who are proactively keeping their own employability high - in all age groups and all walks of life.

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