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On gratitude, research-based content, elegant logic, beautiful syntax and virtual teamwork.

From left to right (back) Leutrim Kosumi, Shaban Hyseni, Philippa Dengler, Marc Eichmann, Marko Kovic, (front) Sascha Dengler and Arbrim Rashiti

This photo shows the whole EmployAgility team and was taken on the one and only occasion we were all together in Zurich - for a night out!

In May we started with the idea and most of the content ready, and an intention to turn my research into lifelong employability into something useful for individuals and companies. As a team we generated a lengthy backlog of things that needed to be done to have a minimum viable product ready.

We worked in 2-week Sprints using Microsoft Teams to communicate and share information effectively across 4 locations in 2 countries and 3 languages. The only time we met all together physically was in August for a night out in Zurich. What made us successful was that everyone was clear about their role and executed it with real professionalism and passion. I am very grateful to everyone who worked on this project. A BIG THANK YOU to everyone here again.

Marc Eichmann from Webtiser acted as our Scrum Master. During the project (but not because of it I guess!) he also became CEO of Webtiser. He facilitated the end of sprint demos, retrospectives and made sure we stayed disciplined with our planning and “story-point” allocation.

In my role as Product Owner I had to prioritise which things we work on in the next sprint (sounds easier than it was) and provide all the content needed in both languages.

Marko Kovic captured the spirit and intentions of the tool immediately. He then relentlessly applied his incredibly logical thinking and analytical strengths to enable us to turn it into the elegant structure it now is. I say “elegant” because it enables us to provide value to individuals which can help them to grow whilst capturing the data to enable further research in this field as well as providing extremely valuable insights for companies who are planning their future workforce.

Shaban Hyseni led the team of Webtiser developers including Leutrim Kosumi and Arbrim Rashiti to develop and I quote “beautiful syntax” which has turned the content and structure into a functioning product.

Without Sascha Dengler (yes, he’s my husband) none of this would have been possible. He’s provided unwavering support to me and our kids during this time (as well as during the original research), extremely insightful commercial inputs and inspiration for the steps ahead, not to mention lots of German proof-reading and he has put up with endless hours of me talking excitedly about what we are doing!

Missing from the photo are all the family and friends who kindly tested and gave feedback at various stages. Thank you all too!

We have lots of ideas about how to develop further but first it’s time to celebrate that we have come this far - and see what resonance it gets. We sincerely hope that you derive benefit from it on a personal level and perhaps also an organizational level. We’d love to receive your comments and feedback

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