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It's a great feeling to have my research into Lifelong Employability now published by Springer and available on Amazon or directly from Springer. I hope it will inspire further research but above all action in companies and with individuals who understand that a paradigm shift is occurring in the workplace. It's better to get ahead of the curve rather than be left behind.

For a reminder of the content of the research see my article "Be honest.... have your really thought about what it means for your business? For your team? And for yourself?" on LinkedIn.

As those of you who know me personally know, I am passionate about this topic! I'm happy to share my findings in workshops and presentations that break it down so that it is relevant for each particular organisation and its employees.

Changes in social norms and government policy are notoriously slow. The good news is that companies can act much more quickly and the individuals work for them too. Don't wait for someone else to solve the problems for you!

I'd love to hear your thoughts, personal experiences and plans

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