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Virtual collaboration for branding software implementation project

A large Swiss retailer decided it was time for a new solution for storing, updating and working with it's marketing guidelines and branding assets across more than 100 brands. After an initial assessment a cloud-based branding platform was selected and a project team of external resources assembled. As internal resources for the project at the customer were scarce I was asked to join the project and take on the role of project leader.

It was my role to ensure the team of experts, from four different external providers, worked together over a period of several months to implement a flexible, future-proof solution for the customer.

  1. A software company providing the branding platform

  2. A branding agency providing knowledge of the multiple brands and sub-brands of the customer

  3. An experienced freelance web designer

  4. A company focussed on the technical integration of the platform with the customer's existing IT infrastructure

With people based in St. Gallen, Zürich, Basel, Bern and Venice we relied heavily on collaboration software and tools to come together, create a common understanding of who is responsible for delivering which aspect of the project. Occasional face-to-face meetings were useful when two or more people needed to work closely on something but most of the project was done using online collaboration tools, chat channels, video calls and shared documents. This saved time and money and a lot of unnecessary alignment of calendars.

With a good mix of project methodology, old-fashioned common sense, new technology and a dash of humour we ensured that a solid first iteration of the project could be delivered on time and in budget. The retailer now has a platform that meets it's initial requirements and will take it's brands well into the future.

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