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What a feeling! TEDx Zürich

It was a fantastic experience to talk at TEDx Zürich in November.

The whole process from initial contact and explaining the idea I want to share (EmployAgility of course!!), to shaping and refining the talk took a lot of effort but it was very rewarding at the same time.

If you have an idea you want to share I can wholeheartedly recommend it.

(and if you haven't watched my talk yet - it's never too late!)

The dress rehearsal the day before, mic'ed up and ready to go... but looking out at row after row of empty chairs (and just a handful of TEDx speaker coaches) was a weird experience that has stayed with me.

Best of all was finally being on stage, seeing the audience's faces and feeling the expectant energy in the room. Hearing the audience respond with a murmur of surprise early on in my talk gave me a real boost which carried me through the talk. It was great to see people nodding, smiling or even laughing in (the right!) places and taking photos of some of the slides. I can now see how that energy and feedback from a large audience could well become addictive!

It was great to watch the other talks and exchange ideas with the other speakers and attendees throughout the whole day and into the evening. The feedback, especially when people shared what resonated most with them, was amazing. (Thank you!)

The very best bit of all is that the talk itself on the day - and now the video too - is really helping to share the idea more widely.

That's what TED stands for and, in my experience, it really delivers.

Since the talk more open-minded, forward-thinking people who also believe that it's time for a paradigm shift in how we think about work and our longer lives have got in touch with me - and it's exciting to see how one team, and one organisation at a time change can start and hopefully ripple out to others.

There are plenty of ideas at the moment of how to take this further and one thing is for sure it needs to be a collective effort. So if you are intrigued or thinking along these lines please get in touch!

I don't yet know exactly what is going to emerge from this yet but I feel certain that it will be a force for change for the better - and I LOVE IT!

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