Get precise insights to liberate the talent

in your organisation


The most complex and the most impactful decisions we make at work involve people. Unlike other psychometric measurements Profilizer does not try to over-simplify by labelling people and putting them into groups. Profilizer acknowledges that the fine differences between people is what makes us tick. With one Profilizer measurement you have data that can be viewed for up to 9 months (EFPA approved) through various lenses in different reports depending on the question you are trying to answer.

Power up your work relationships, team building, recruiting and personal development with reliable, valid psychometric insights.


How to use Profilizer in your company


The Profilizer draws on 15 psychological models which confirm:

  • The basis for realising potential rests on a person’s emotional stability and locus of control 

  • When people are engaged in activities that suit them best and when they feel understood as an individual, they are more content, self-confident, less prone to illness, more likely to bring their full potential to their work.

  • When organizations are a collective unit of individuals who are well suited for their positions and understand how to work together remarkable results can be achieved.


Profilizer is one measurement instrument offered by the company Learning & Developing Support BV (or L&D Support for short). L&D Support was established in the Netherlands in 1990 as an innovative organizational consultancy firm and specialises in diagnostic instruments and human capital consultation are dedicated to unlocking the potential in people and organizations. 


L&D Support continues to innovate constantly seeking new answers to both old and new issues facing organizations and people. 


The L&D Support measurement instruments comply with the international standards, requirements and norms of the European Federation of Psychologists (EFPA). Their measurements are continually being evaluated and monitored to ensure objectivity, reliability and validity and a consistent quality offering to customers.


1) Get clarity on the questions you need answers to 

Does this person have the underlying competencies and interests that will make him or her successful in the role? How much potential does the person have to develop in a given direction? How resilient is the person currently able to be? Where is their locus of control? How is a person likely to react in situations of stress or conflict? Where do these two people or this group of people have synergies and potential sources of conflict based in their working style? Which parts of our employee lifecycle could benefit most from more insightful, less biased, personalised data? Are your teams forming, norming, storming or performing? How is feedback dealt with? What about conflict? You ask the question and Profilizer can show you data points that help find the answer. 


2) Invite your colleagues to the Profilizer tool

Communicate appropriately your intentions for using the Profilizer tool and follow up with action. Invite your colleagues to the tool with a link and access code. It takes about 45 minutes to complete and is best done on a tablet or computer. 


3) Interpret the results and individual debrief

Depending on the question at hand different reports can be generated pulling on the results. These reports are interpreted and debriefed by accredited Profilizer coaches in various ways depending on the context: guiding decisions, building teamwork, boosting development etc.

During the debrief the individual gains a wealth of insights on which to build their development, become aware of the impact they are having on others and improve their working relations with their colleagues. 


4) If you use the Profilizer at scale in your organisation patterns will emerge in the data that can guide your work to shape the culture and people strategy for future success.  If you intend to use the Profilizer at scale the L&D Support Academy can train your HR professionals and managers to become accredited Profilizer coaches and move the interpretation and debriefing in-house. 


5) Then watch as the talent in your organisation is liberated and word spreads that at your company personal growth, collaboration and employability are not just empty buzzwords.


Access to the Profilizer Measurement costs 300.- Swiss Francs per person plus fees for interpretation and debrief of the reports. Different pricing options are available depending on the number of colleagues you involve and the way you want to work with the tool. Simply contact us to discuss where to start. philippa.dengler@conscha.ch