Give everyone in your team the ability to confidently sense and respond to change

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The EmployAgility® Framework

Give your leaders an approach for building self-efficacy and openness in 5 key areas. It's structured, research-based, and easy-to-use. The EmployAgility App integrates easily into your personal development and talent management processes. Start having more impactful conversations that lead to action. 

Let's build agility #letsbuildagility

Use EmployAgility with your team:

Raise Awareness of how important it is  today to drive your own employability - and how to do it.

Upskill leaders and HR professionals to confidently support people of all ages to act - one step at a time.. 

Use your anonymised data to build self-efficacy and openness to experience across your organisation.



The Agility Builder 

The Agility Builder is for individuals, teams and organisations who want to build competencies and attitudes in the 5 areas of EmployAgility. It creates precise and unique insights based on the Profilizer psychometric measurement. Profilizer has been used in recruitment and in personal development processes for over 30 years. It enables you to define, measure, understand and build the personal and business agility your team needs now and in the future.

Profilizer Agility Builder letsbuildagility

Use the Agility Builder with your team:

 Discover your team's strongest agile competencies and know where to focus development. 

Use in-depth insights to develop behaviours and attitudes which increase  personal agility and team effectiveness.

Bring unbiased data points to decisions as you recruit, develop and retain the right people. 

Want to find out more about the Agility Builder and maybe try it for yourself for free?  Book a no-strings-attached call. We'll discuss your needs and find out together how you and your team can achieve your goals.



What people say 

What people say

It was a pleasure to partner with Philippa! We included EmployAgility in our GE Learning Week in 2020 to inspire our employees to think about how to keep themselves firmly in the driving seat of their careers. Philippa was a very inspiring speaker! Attendees had the opportunity to complete the online self-assessment and received a report full of recommendations of practical things to do to increase their personal career agility. "Enough ideas for my next several personal development plans" as one participant said. From a company perspective having highly employable employees who are working for us because they choose to is a clear competitive advantage. I warmly recommend Philippa and her highly professional services!

Joanna Haupt, Learning & Development Partner, General Electric Gas Power



I'm passionate about building agility 
as a key to longer, more fulfilling working lives

Philippa Dengler letsbuildagility

I'm a naturally communicative extrovert and an optimistic realist who loves to work with people.


I value relationships based on trust and respect, as partners on an equal footing.


I love to take on change as an opportunity for growth and to get others enthusiastic about it too.


My structured working style and love of connecting the dots allow new perspectives to come to light.

I'm passionate about giving my best and giving other people the opportunity to do the same.

I collaborate with my clients and partners in my broad network to create genuine value-add for my customers , keep learning and sharing and having some fun along the way. 


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