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Enable your team to thrive – not just survive – when dealing with change.

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 Work with me to unleash the full potential of your organisation

  • transition to more self-organised and agile ways of working

  • build competencies for increased agility and employability 

  • help your team and leaders deal with change and emerge stronger

  • put neuroscience and psychology to work in practice 

  • foster diverse inclusive working environments

  • drive learning and development for continuous growth

  • bring structure, clarity and agility to complex problems 

Change Consulting

Trusted advisor. Sparring partner. Organisational coach. Interim support. 


Workshops, Webinars & Training. Designed and delivered for you. 


Inspirational talks.

Panel discussions.

Round tables.

What clients say...

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“Philippa provides an invaluable outside-in perspective including relevant neuroscience and best practices which help guide our activities"
"Philippa is professional, reliable, uncomplicated and very personable"

About Philippa

25+ years working in and for organisations as an employee and a leader. I know what it is really like.

I've always been involved in driving change in roles like Programme Office and Project Manager, Six Sigma Master Belt , Agile Coach, Organisational Development and D&I consultant.


I'm driven to seize opportunities that evolve our organisational models for the 21st century: unleashing wasted human potential, embracing change and enabling the adult workforce to experience more wholeness, flexibility and alignment.


I’m a naturally communicative extrovert and an optimistic realist. I get my energy from collaborating with all kinds of people in relationships based on trust and mutual respect. I speak English, German and French, and am learning Spanish. 

I have a MSc in Business Psychology for which conducted empirical research into Lifelong Employability. From this, I developed the EmployAgility framework. In my Tedx talk below you can find out more.


Philippa Dengler on stage at Tedx Zürich
Book cover Lifelong Employability by Philippa Dengler

I love partnering with

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Let's connect: An initial discussion could be the start of successful collaboration and brilliant results for you and your team. 

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